When is Easter Sunday in 2017? Check Out Here

When is Easter Sunday in 2017?

Maundy Thursday- 13 April 2017

Good Friday- 14 April 2017

Holy Saturday- 15 April 2017

Easter Sunday-16 April 2017

Easter Monday- 17 April 2017


Easter is a big festival for Christians, and many cultural programs and events are held at various places. People took part in these events and enjoy every bit of these events. Also decorated egg hunt took place in various houses. Egg decoration competitions are organised, and everyone become part of it whether they are kid or adult. Everyone loves Easter and the celebrations did on Easter but as it has cultural and religious values so visiting Church is also done by everyone.

Easter Sunday 2017

Celebrations on the Holy week start from Thursday also known as Maundy Thursday commemorated as the last super of Jesus with his disciples. The second important day is Good Friday that is the day of Jesus’s crucifixion. Holy Saturday marks as the transition between crucifixion and resurrection. Then come the main Easter day that is Easter Sunday and is celebrated with cultural and traditional values.

So enjoy and celebrate this amazing festival of Easter Sunday with your family and friends on 27 March. Tell your friends and family members about the date of Easter 2017 and share this post on social sites.

Updated: February 8, 2017 — 5:13 pm

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  1. I was confused with the date of easter for 2017. But you mentioned here. Thanks for this.

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